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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stake your claim!

Greetings friends!
This is a brand new venture for me. Your positive and constructive feedback is welcome. Not sure how often I'll be posting...but I was born to write and can't seem to stop myself :)
Sundays Stake your Claim gathering was a complete success! (The title and idea are borrowed from Emmet Fox) It's not too late for you to stake your claim for the New Year or to gather your own circle of people who empower you and are of like mind. We made it a pot luck gathering where everyone showed up with a brunchy type something or other to eat, and  a self addressed, stamped envelope.
     Many of us make this time of year a time of reflection for growth and change, creating "resolutions" or goal setting. I have never been that successful at it! We all chose one thing we were going to make happen this year and spoke about it. No comments or feedback was allowed during "circle time". Then, we wrote our intention (different from a goal) on a piece of paper and stuck it in the self addressed envelopes. A year from now I am going to mail these back to the women (which they will have completely forgotten about by then and will be surprised to see a letter from themselves arrive in the mail!)
     Next,we shared the first thing we were going to do immediately towards our goal. Starting this blog was one of my intentions (how do you like me now? ha)
     Finally, we wrote what we no longer wanted in our life on another piece of paper, burned it and dropped it in a  bowl of water. A ritual I picked up from Unity Church in Valley Stream. It was very empowering! There is something to be said for staking your claim out loud, among others. It makes it more difficult to not follow through with your intention.
     Marianne Williamson said on her blog this month; "Next year will bring whatever next year brings, but what we bring TO it will make all the difference. And the greatest thing we can bring to it is our love."
     Next month's theme is not for sissies or the weak of heart! Baby don't hurt me, Baby don't hurt me, no more...(I know you are picturing that SNL skit with Jim Carey!) This is about having a love affair with yourself. Stop limiting or hurting yourself with poor choices or by waiting around for love to happen!
     Valentine's Day is rife with expectations and leaves some people feeling lonely, left out and unloved. This is a year of empowerment at Life is a Gift! So gather some friends, make a circle and all of you  make a list of 5 fabulous things about yourselves and then....go around the circle and say them out loud with heads held high. (make eye contact)

     We've been conditioned much differently. In Around the Year with Emmet Fox, he suggests The Scotsman's Prayer which states; let us have a good conceit of ourselves. Most of us aren't boasters, many of us can't even accept a compliment! It takes a lot of work to turn that mind set around and this work shop can help you get started. After we make our list and say them aloud to the group,  tell each other what you think is fabulous about each other too. Don't censor yourself! There's a difference between being proud and being cocky. What the heck is wrong with loving yourself and feeling good about who you are? I promise you won't be conceited when you are through. I'm launching this post despite my fear, because I am fabulous to have the courage to do so.
This blog is a positive work space. Please be kind in your posts! 



  1. ok I will try again-I followed your sugghestion and got the book "The Language of Letting Go" and this is what I read last night-"Our selves will tell us what we need to know,and we'll loveourselves enough to listen.(-Beyond Codependency)...What do we need to do to take care of ourselves?...Today,I will affirm that I am a gift to myself and the Universe. I will remember that nurturing self-care delivers that gift in its highest form." Now I can't help think of the Saturday Night Live skit "Positive Affirmations with Stewart Smiley"-"I am good enough,I am strong enough, and damnit,I like me!" So thanks,Kerry for suggesting the book. *I guess I need to keep reading the book until I can believe it without laughing!

  2. Great Job Kath. The funny thing about that SNL skit with Stewart Smalley is that they collaborated with Melody Beattie, the coda queen herself. It's great to laugh at it and ourselves.

  3. my dear sister, Great job, I love it.
    I remember when we were growing up how you read your stories to me. I want more!

  4. More stories you shall get Tric! My intention is to write in a fiction and real time format.
    The fiction will somewhat be positive projection while reporting the actual progress of this entire Life is a Gift journey!