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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

keep the dream alive!

     I'm reluctant to write this new post, especially since it's straight from the heart and leaves me feeling a little lost. But this is about uncensored truth and dreams and feelings and spirituality and questions, questions, questions!
     My meeting with P & C to crunch the numbers for South Mountain and the Galen Hall Rd house was eye opening. It is not an accident that these realistic women are in my life, dreamers like me want to wear ear plugs to block reality, not because I'm completely unrealistic, but because I believe in miracles against the odds. I still think this can happen. Actually, I'm having trouble accepting that it might not!
     I embrace and know from personal experience, that being divinely led, doesn't always lead us to where we think we're going. (yes, I do hate that, thanks for asking) That there are many new ideas and lessons along the way that can lead us to whatever our divine purpose truly is, in ways we never dreamed of. Nothing happens in God's world by accident.
     This is always a tricky crossroad for me. If I didn't have many points of reference, other experiences of being completely convinced of a thing being God's will, and in hind sight getting the "aha, thats why it didn't happen" I would probably be devastated right now. I'm let down, but far from devastated.
     Why did I happen to go to the meeting where I was introduced to the Caron Foundation? When I never made one of those meetings before or after? Why did I google Caron, find it's location, google real estate in the area and immediately find Galen Hall? Why was it that they happened to be holding a family weekend and mass @ Caron for me to go to, the real estate lady was available to show the house, I spontaneously booked a room nearby, drove to PA by myself for the first time in my life and while driving there, feeling like a complete compulsive idiot a bill board appears that said "When God guides, He provides" at the very moment of my doubt? Why is that house still on the market? Why were P & C available that weekend and so was the real estate lady and they both fell in love with it? Why did everyone I tell the story to from beginning to end fall in love with the idea? We all want to champion someone's dreams. Especially those based on being of good use.
     The dream of Life is a Gift, shop and Cafe will never die. Too much has gone into it and it's vision quality is still leading me. Wherever I get to use all my God given gifts to hopefully inspire others, doesn't matter. But for today I am asking for everyone to pray for a miracle. For Galen Hall to be mine, if it is His will for me.

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