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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Divine Discontent

There are two authors who have altered my life in such ground shaking, mind blowing ways, that I find myself constantly using their stuff to navigate the choppy waters of my mind. You will often hear me using quotes from Melody Beattie and Emmet Fox in my speech and writing.

"Divine discontent" is a phrase Emmet fox coined in his daily meditation book "Around the Year with Emmet Fox", to describe periods of uncertainty that precede major changes or the growth spurts in a mindful, contemplative, spiritual life.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable and experienced free floating anxiety that you can't pin to an actual cause? Something is bothering you but you can't put your finger on it? I used to panic when these "spells" of uncertainty and confusion descended. Old lies would surface "you're never happy" "what's the MATTER with you?" "Can't you stick to one thing?" "Just leave well enough alone!"

Since reading his piece on divine discontent called "Claim your wings" I recognize when something is being worked out in me. And although is in uncomfortable, I know something good is happening and panic is no longer necessary. He uses the analogy of a caterpillar experiencing strange stirrings within and how this caterpillar becomes moody and discontented. "He feels the need for a bigger, finer, more interesting life. His instinct tells him that where there is true desire there must be fulfillment" And of course we know this discontent he experiences happens right before he emerges as a beautiful butterfly and leaves his restricted life on a leaf behind and soars.....

February's Life is a Gift presents: Fabulous!, was just that; Fabulous! We were all silly and animated, with gut level honesty and everyone felt loved, heard and supported. One of the girls brought us the word : "fabulosity, a noun: the state of owning your self worth and fabulousness, though in no way, shape or form being boastful nor conceited while accepting your fabulosity. stating the facts and learning to believe them wholeheartedly." We loved it and I think it should be in Webster's.

We experienced a Ya Ya Sisterhood feeling and can't resist teasing each other with words and gestures we used during our meeting. Thank you girls!!

Life is a Gift Presents, is a work in progress. As it's creator and facilitator, I am certainly a work in progress. I had this feeling during our meeting; a feeling of divine discontent that was uncomfortable and that I couldn't put my finger on. I am still tapping into the feelings but I at least know this: I must find a way to make Life is a Gift non-exclusive, while keeping the integrity of small power circles in tact.

This monthly gathering was a goal I set to make my dream of inspiring people come true. The bonus for me is being inspired at the same time. The discontent is due to not wanting to leave any one out and this is difficult to do while trying to foster trust and intimacy at the same time.

Since I only want to live doing His will, (which is a constant struggle, trust me) it is His guidance I am adhering to. Praying is asking, meditation is listening, praising is thanking. That is the formula that works when I let it.

I am not yet sure what will happen next. I hope my friends allow me to continue to use them as part of my Life is a Gift experiments. I hope you let me do what I feel is right and you don't take it personally if I hear but don't take your ideas or suggestions. There are no mistakes, only opportunities for growth. 

Divine Discontent will be the theme for the next gathering. I have no idea yet when, where, how, who will be there. But start thinking about times in your life when you felt strange stirrings for change. Feelings that were nudging you to do something more, something different, something else.

Think of examples and stories of when you felt this and what you learned and where it brought you. You may have felt it and ignored it. It's never too late to listen and change.

There are many ways we can go back, look at what happened and try to make sense of it. However, Life is a Gift is about empowerment, about looking forward, about changing the future, not about going back. We may have to glimpse at the past, but this venue is about what is happening now that is going to make our tomorrow what it is intended to be. About fulfilling our divine purpose.

Positive power circles that lift and inspire, that is what I am after creating. So take pen to paper. Half measures will yield half resutls. Stake your claim! Recognize your Fabulosity and listen to your divine discontent. Life is a Gift; Open it!


  1. well it is already a success,because everyone was inspired and in turn,inspiring someone else! what if you had other leaders of your choosing,to lead other small groups?That way,your message will be heard tenfold,and will be all inclusive?Kind of like weight watchers has meetings all over,each meeting unique in its own way,but spreading the same basic message?Sounds FAB-u- lous to me!

  2. Sister once again I am in awe of your talent. You have a gift and I am so thrilled you are sharing it with others. I love you and think you are Fabulous! Thank you for Giving me my copy of The Language of Letting Go and intoducing me to Emmet Fox, both authors have impacted my life. I thank God for my two older sisters, I have learned so much from both of you.